Thursday, August 4, 2016


    …There were two guiding rules. One the more harm a leader does, the more good he does for the fatherland. If he abolishes learning, good; if he burns down a city, good; if he terrifies the population, even better…Two: to have as many bastards as possible do your bidding.
    Then the leader gathered the bastards and said to them, ‘Bastards! Write denunciations!’  They write denunciations, draw up harmful plans…and all this semi-literate, stinking matter gets to the zealous leaders office.
    The leader gathered the bastards and said, ‘Tell me bastards, what do you think real harm consists of?’
    And the bastards replied unanimously , ‘That the harm we bastards do should count as good and good if done by anyone else count as harm. THAT NOBODY DARE SAY A WORD ABOUT US BASTARDS WHILE WE BASTARDS CAN YAP WHAT WE LIKE ABOUT WHOMEVER WE WANT TO!’

    Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, ‘The tale of the zealous leader’ as quoted in Donald Rayfield, Stalin and His Hangmen: The Tyrant and Those Who Killed for Him (New York: Random House 2005), 321.

 It is a mistake to play by the bastards’ rules, because the bastards intend to murder you.  The rules will always be in their favor somehow.  The problem for many people lies in identifying the bastards, but it is really quite simple: hypocrisy.  Bastards have no principles, they are unpersons unworthy of their unlives.  Look at all the mass graves filled because bastards were not opposed.  I have visited many sites of mass murder and I can tell you that many of these memorial sites are not really concerned with preventing future mass murder because they do not teach people about the ways of the bastards.  The memorial sites are content to point fingers at specific people and recount atrocities like some kind of amusement park of the damned.  This is not enough because it does not require action, nor does it identify the proper targets.  There are bastards in every society and they must be destroyed before they destroy you.  Bastards always end up suffering under their leaders, which is why I consider them unpersons.  You might as well save everyone a step.


Ryu said...

That sounds like a great book.


That is a clever technique, Doomie. To dehumanize the enemy makes it easier to kill him. Gook, kraut, honky, Jap, nigger, spic; it takes on many forms. It also works very well.

What did you learn at these genocide sites? Get any good pics? Selfies? I want an Auschwitz "Arbeit Macht Frei" t-shirt next vaca. It'd be cool to get a Khmer Rouge skull.

I am surprised you still have a morality. The farmer is a killer too - every bit comes from another animal or plant, which are both living things. My life came from other lives which supply my own.

One day, the worms and insects will feast on me, as I eat the duck and chicken. There is no good or evil involved. It's the circle of life.

There is such a thing as "too much" morality. Whites have that today. They consider racism and fighting "below" them.

Doomfinger said...

If you're a man, it's doom, if you have tits, doomie is acceptable but only if there are pics.

I learned a lot at the genocide sites. I planned on making documentaries at some point.

I've got a great shirt for you, not really sure who made it though. I have one.

Ryu said...

I learned it from the Aussie WN group I used to belong to. Adding a -y or -ie to a name makes it easier to remember.

Doomfinger said...

Where are Pat and Cam? I actually liked them.

Ryu said...

I liked them too. I haven't seen either in awhile, but I don't visit Ozzie WN sites. One of them is still around, and I still write him occasionally.

Doomfinger said...

They used to blog but stopped quite some time ago, which sucks because I enjoyed their sites. I get it though, life gets busy.