Tuesday, January 19, 2021

It's Like I Lost, But It Feels Like Victory

 I read Trump's farewell speech, but I do not see it as a concession speech.  I'm fine with egg on my face and crow in my mouth--I want to go on record with what I think.

Trump never mentioned Biden, just a different administration.  I feel Trump is bound by a code, the code many have when they have learned to win and lose--you shake hands with your opponent.  There is obviously the fraud issue, but if Trump truly were giving up, he'd shake hands and say "the Biden administration".

There is also the use of the word "luck":

This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous.  We extend our best wishes, and we also want them to have luck — a very important word.

 This, I believe, is pointing to what should be obvious, and will be obvious very soon.

There is also the talk of the greatest legacy and the best is yet to come:

This, I hope, will be our greatest legacy: Together, we put the American people back in charge of our country. We restored self-government.

I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart, an optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come.

Maybe this is all just crazy copium.  I will not call Q a lie, it is the greatest psyops of all time.  Even if Trump fails, it did not mean there was no plan.  There were, in fact, several.  It just so happened they all failed.  But how could you ridicule a man for failing against such odds?  For me, the failure would only point me in the right direction.  I know beyond a shadow of doubt who all the traitors and cucks are.  I also know that Biden lost, and shitlibs are afraid.  I also know we outnumber them.  

Jedem Das Seine.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Come and Take It

The Presidency, that is.  So many guards for someone who clearly won without any fraud.  But why are they so worried?  Why are they trying to conduct loyalty tests and take away their ammunition?  And there has to be a different security detail too?  It just goes on and on.

The anticipation is killing me, and I'm the one that's supposed to be upset about these proceedings.

 I just love how it looks like a giant prison.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

That Glow in the Dark Party

 Attending the very obvious false flag event on the 17th is even dumber than uploading images of both sides of your drivers license to Parler.  Sadly, despite several warnings I suspect many will show.  If you want trouble, it's easy to find, but set your own schedule.

I want to see what Trump does.  I know it's popular to act like it's all over, but I will wait and see.  He doesn't give up easily, and he really has no choice at this point.  There are still plenty of options left.  You would do well to heed his warning about not showing up to that glow in the dark party.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 It's nice to see so many tripping over each other to be the first backstabber.  Traitors and cucks everywhere.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"The Mosin Nagant's Dirty Little Secret"

One of my favorite comments on YouTube is in response to this clickbait:

Why do you feel need to fuck rifle? Is not sufficient as acquired from russian army surplus? Maybe you with degree of technical engineering should go piss on grave of Captain Mosin? Rifle is fine, you put shit on rifle it only get heavy and you still cannot shoot anything you aim at. You take down to range with all this ammo you buy and you learn to fucking shoot. This worked for heroes of great patriotic war, it work for me and my family it work for you. But you choose put rail of shitty plastic where ladder sight was all that was needed, I bet you put on shitty civilian hunting scope next. How do you use bayonet with giant 400x magnification scope of lazy ass who sit in air conditioned stand and wait for food to come to him? Why you buy rifle made for combat and fuck it in ass until it is no longer worthy of being cheap Chinese slave worker toy? You are what is wrong with this world.

I come back to this comment after so long because I simply cannot ignore how stupid you are with your shitty plastic rails, is not dirty little secret, it is useless knowledge. No one is hiding mount of dove-tail from you because is no reason for removings of ladder sight, look at PU scope is design fit on side of rifle over top of iron sight while still allowing bolt operations, why you want to mount pistol scope on high powered rifle? Perhaps you cannot stand shooting anything without something shitty and plastic ruining experience. Un-fuck your rifle, stop being stupid and trust military designers, they know more about weapon design than you ever will. Learn to shoot and stop bastardizing everything you get your grubby cheeto dusted fingers on.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Behold, Apocalypse

This was the end of June, the end of days.  I tried to get on the highway but a colleague had already gotten into an accident, and everything was blocked.  Fortunately he wasn't injured.  I saw three other accidents before getting to his.  I had to turn off the highway and was trying to use the back roads to no avail.  I never made it to work.