Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kudu Fhtagn!

My everyday carry knife this year has been the Kudu, and so far I see no reason to change it.  At first the knife seemed too long, but it is actually just right.  I have been meaning to test the longer Eland, but have not gotten around to it, partly because I see no reason to pay a few dollars more for a work knife.  The Kudu is dirt cheap for what it is.  It looks and feels like garbage, but that just means I do not feel bad about abusing it.  I work in the snow and rain, and carry it in carpenter pants.  I can easily retrieve and open it wearing frost gloves, which is necessary.  I mostly use it to open and break down boxes and cut pallet wrapping, and the size again, counterintuitively seems just right.  As far as self defense goes, people will find the Kudu intimidating, and you can learn to open it with one hand.  The ring is a bit weird at first, and it seems like it would get in the way, but it does not.  You can use the ring to steady and retrieve the knife.  I also enjoy absentmindedly swinging the knife around by the ring.  I would be very surprised to see any other knife as good as the Kudu for $6.

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