Friday, January 15, 2016

Goodreads Bans Abolition Historian

Goodreads banned an Abolition historian, and the Librarian I suspect responsible for this began babbling about interracial sex for some reason.  Nothing sinister here.  Nope.

It really is tiring reading about how supposedly there was an evil conspiracy of Puppies intending to ruin the site.  The site is already ruined by SJWs rating and reviewing books they never read, and doing so openly while breaking the rules about focusing on the author/editor instead of the work.  Yes, I read the nonsense from the SJW who claimed to save Goodreads.  The real issue is that people who normally could not be bothered to show up and voice their opinions began doing so, and now the space is not safe.  We have been silent for far too long, but at least we are not responsible for this.

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