Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Day After Tomorrow

This has been a weird winter--only now are things starting to get harsh, which is fortunate, because there were a couple of storms which could have been really painful.  On December 22 people began losing power due to high winds.  Lots of people, nearly 100,000.  And power was not expected to come on until after Christmas.  For many, that was true.  There was a rush on supplies.  There was a palpable spirit of fear and desperation in the air.  I was watching the outage map, and it was like looking at a zombie outbreak.  I never lost power before in my life.  I had a generator and gas, but had no idea how bad things were going to get.  I was lucky, but many were not.  If there had been snow like there usually is things would have been even worse.  Right afterwards there was another storm, and all the experts were predicting doom.  Only a thousand or so briefly lost power, which was surprising.  It is interesting how the storm that caused the most problems was unexpected, whereas the expected storm caused the least damage.

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