Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Cops and Journalists

The videos you are about to see are not graphic, but they are still hard to watch.  The moral is quite simple: when the shit hits the fan you cannot count on the police or journalists.

The first video shows police skedaddling away, and then apparently a hit team arriving and shooting someone.  I have no idea what the story really is.  The description says one thing, but a commenter says:

The guy that get killed in the video is not a business man, I have family in that town and they told me that that guy "kidnapped" a girl 2 times in a row, (in some towns of méxico, is common that some people kidnap the girls; they do not want a rescue or something they just want to get married with the girl)
And in the second time that the guy "kidnapped" the girl, he shot a cousin of the girl and I think that the family pay to some hitmans to kill the guy or something. So yeah he deserve that death, sorry for the family but they know what the guy did.
And the police can not do nothing against those sicarios, I mean, they were just like 4 or 6 versus 12 - 16 hitmans.

Regardless, the police were not interested in getting involved, or even just being disinterested journalist-observers.

The second video shows a Colombian army patrol carrying out a raid, but things get out of control quickly; they stumbled upon a FARC leader, are outgunned and outnumbered.  One by one the soldiers are wounded or killed, until finally there is just one soldier and the journalist left.  The soldier asks the journalist to take a rifle and fight until the end, but the journalist says he is not there to fight, just to report.  The soldier is shot and yells "They killed me!"  I get it.  Journalists are supposed to be impartial.  The reality is, they are not, so events like this are infuriating.

Ultimately, any plan of yours that involves any form of aid from the police or the media is bound to fail.

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Ryu said...

Good stuff. Thanks! I like these vids.

Journos are just in it for the story. They have no interest, other than that.