Saturday, March 5, 2016

Strength in Numbers

The first ducks I got were Rouens and Pekins, two of each.  Sadly, I can't find any pictures of them.  They used to sleep in a row, amusingly enough, Rouen, Pekin, Rouen, Pekin, and vice versa many times.  I noticed two interesting things: some seemed to sleep with one eye open, and they had a great alarm system.  I tried many times to sneak up on them, but never could.  Getting too close would cause some to cry out in alarm, but they were alerted long before then.  Sleeping together so close, meant they did not even have to utter a noise in order to alert the others--simply breathing faster was enough.  The closer I'd sneak up, the ducks on the ends of the row would breathe faster and awaken the ones middle.

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Ryu said...

I have watched birds also.

They do use that system. They always have a lookout. He alerts and everyone runs. It's very clever.