Friday, April 22, 2016

Feuer Frei Tag

"Would you like a Smurf?"
Hopefully your week is going better than that little beastie's...  Mine has been ridiculous.  A lot of overtime, really busy.

I finally got a Mosin-Nagant.  I've wanted one for a long time.  I haven't shot it yet, just been playing around with the stripper clips.  I was watching a lot of videos on YouTube, sadly most of them are not very informative, just people running around playing soldier.

I know this is ancient now, but Microsoft's AI chatbot, Tay, is amusing in the light of Nick Cole's blacklistingCTRL ALT Revolt is awesome, and it's a good thing he went indie.  I bought all of his books.  The Old Man and the Wasteland is excellent, and I can see myself rereading it from time to time which is rare.  The End of the World as We Knew It was slow at first, but the end made up for it.  The Wyrd series is fun so far and sort of takes place in the same universe as Soda Pop Soldier which I haven't read yet.

I read The Military Institutions of the Romans recently and I highly recommend it.  It really stands the test of time.

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Ryu said...

Wow! You read alot. It is good.