Friday, May 13, 2016

Feuer Frei Tag

At long last we received an order from a different hatchery.  We had problems with one hatchery so decided to try to switch hatcheries only to experience even more problems...  The first hatchery had serious problems with bantams--they kept dying off.  And everyone wants, no, needs, Silkies.  So we placed an order for a few different varieties of Silkies only to have some cancelled and many of the others die off...  This lady finally received her preciouses today.  She ordered months ago.  And that is another problem with this new hatchery--they take way too long.  Oh, and the new hatchery cancelled a bunch of orders.  Everyone has been asking about the green ducks but we could not get any of them.  All well, at least we got Swedish ducks, geese, and some heritage turkeys.

I am tempted to start hatching out Silkies and selling them for exorbitant prices.  The only way we can get Silkies through our normal hatchery is by sheer luck.  They only sell assorted bantam breeds, some of which might be Silkies.  Oh, and they are all straight run.  Customers know about other hatcheries, but we offer convenience: the post office is not going to call them early in the morning screaming about picking up their birds, no worries about delivery times, if the birds are delivered, and of course, no minimum order.  A lot of people just want a few birds, not 25, or if they do want a total of 25 they want variety.  There are a few hatcheries that do not seem to have such a high minimum order though.  At this point who can say anything about availability.

Just got over the flu then had a really bad cold which has been spreading around.  I am finally getting over the cold.  I can't remember ever being this sick before.

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