Friday, May 20, 2016

Feuer Frei Tag

I have been working two jobs lately.  I am not sure how long this will last, but I figured I might as well give it a shot since I have the opportunity.  Sometimes it can be quite difficult to line up two jobs, but in this case it is easy.  Ridiculously easy, unbelievably easy.  I left one job, was quickly hired by another company, but no one is working out at the old job.  It is still busy season for the old job, so I should be able to have hours for another month or so if I want.  I can clock in whenever I want.

The picture is from one of the jobs.  The fire extinguishers were used as door stops and one day someone knocked one over and it sprayed all over the place.  Maintenance inspection complete!  I knocked over the extinguisher again, but thankfully nothing happened.  It was a close call though.  Time slowed as the extinguisher wobbled back and forth then fell, looking as though it were going to fall on the handle.

Pretty soon I hope to finish off the two story coop we started building last year.  Part of the roof blew off and I repaired it earlier this year, but the sides and stair railing still need to be built.  And pretty much everything needs to be painted.  I am pretty pleased with it.  The old coop was 8' x 8', and this is 16' x 16'; it is a monster.

I killed off the ducks and am trying to decide which breed I want.  I would have gotten some Cayugas, but for some reason those are hard to get.  I may get random Indian Runners, not sure yet.

Silkies are pretty broody chickens, which can be quite valuable, even if you have no intention of breeding them.  Right now we have a Silkie sitting on some day old Silkies and Turkens.  Should be interesting.

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Ryu said...

2 jobs? Yikes. Don't work too many hours, or you'll run yourself down. The people I see trying it get sick.