Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chicken Factory Farmer Freaks Out

I stumbled across this video and am utterly confused.  First of all, I do not even know what they mean when they say these places are notoriously inaccessible, while showing a sign about biosecurity.  Yes, biosecurity is important, which is why many places simply will not allow random people traipsing around.  Not everything is some grand conspiracy to keep the sheeple ignorant.  Speaking of ignorance... people seem to be very ignorant about the chicken factory breed, that vile McMutant known as the Cornish Rock.

Look, Cornish Rocks are the chickens you see in all the stores.  They take eight weeks to raise at most, and will weigh somewhere between 7-12 lbs live weight.  A lot of times people will not even wait the full eight weeks to butcher.  This rapid growth is not the result of genetic modification but clever cross breeding.  Yes, the McMutant is disgusting and does not have the good qualities or the dignity that most other chicken breeds have.  So the McMutant is still natural, but it just does not seem like it.

If you want a more natural or normal chicken you could always raise Leghorns, Black Jersey Giants, and Freedom Rangers, just to name a few breeds.  These breeds take much longer to get to weight, but will also forage more.  This matters because the taste will probably be different.  I say "probably" because I have had people swear up and down that two of the above breeds taste even better than McMutants even though the age of the McMutant is what makes it taste so good.  Older chickens are usually for soup.  I could go on and on, but the reality is most people are just going to watch factory farmer freakout videos, complain, and then do absolutely nothing.  And that is to say nothing of the fact that at least with factory farming you are eating seemingly miserable birds instead of the happy ones...


Ryu said...

I think the biosecurity thing is because there is poo and piss on the ground. Non-farmers don't like that smell.

***I*** only eat happy chickens, Doomie. Catch that coon yet?

Doomfinger said...

Killed five.