Tuesday, August 23, 2016

King Coon

A couple weeks ago someone asked me the best way to get rid of raccoons so I showed him various dog proof coon traps.  He bought a brown Z trap which has a push/pull trigger.  Yesterday he showed me some trail camera pictures of an enormous coon that was terrorizing everyone.  In one picture, standing near a buck, was King Coon, and he looked like a bear.  It was ridiculous.  Apparently his neighbor has been terrorized for quite some time by this "bear"--he actually thought it was a bear.  His bird feeders knocked down and wrecked.  One time he set a live trap and one of the side panels was ripped off...  Well, King Coon has finally fallen to the mighty Z trap.  The interesting thing about all this, is that this guy was messing around with some bear bait, specifically anise, and got this bait on his hands which he didn't wash when he set the trap.  King Coon never bothered this guy's deer feeder until after he set the trap with anise covered hands.

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