Monday, October 3, 2016


Well, I never got my crows.  It was a busy month and they seemed to know when I had plans for them.  An acquaintance told me an interesting story about some crows that used to steal from his mom's feeder.  He showed up at his mom's house one morning at her request because she kept telling him about the strange behavior of these crows, and sure enough, they showed up again.  They landed across the street a couple houses down and walked, single file towards hers, up the drive, ate at the feeders, then walked away single file, and then flew off.  The next day they weren't so lucky.  The first in line was picked off with a .22 mag, then the second.  The remaining three flew into a nearby tree where a third was shot, and the remaining two finally escaped.

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Ryu said...

Crows are pretty smart. They'll be back.