Friday, May 27, 2016

Feuer Frei Tag

Met someone who wanted to pawn off all his Guinea eggs to me.  Ha, no thanks.  A friend took up his offer and got around 5 dozen eggs.  There was an Amish guy who just moved here from Pennsylvania who used to have quite the flock of Guineas.  He looked longingly at the stock tank filled with Guineas and cried about how when he moved here the number one rule from his Amish neighbors was NO GUINEAS!  As far as I am concerned, three are three too many.  Just chaos.  This is a good article on why.

So these two hens were tricked into raising all kinds of critters: Silkes, Turkens, some ducklings, and a filthy gosling (more fun to say "gooseling" though).  Speaking of chaos, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by utter chaos early this week as all those critters were running around in the main coop.  I was wondering how long it would take for them to be "hatched".  We had to slip them under in the dark, removing all the eggs.  It really is a joy watching them all run around.

I am getting a bit tired out from working two jobs, and will probably cut back on hours.  I was eager because I assumed this might only last until the end of June, but seeing the state of company, it may actually last a bit longer, so there is no real need to work so much.  There are a couple major projects I want to complete this year; on the one hand I need money, on the other hand, time...

Hopefully I can take that Mosin Nagant out to the range soon.  I was planning on this Sunday, but it will probably be next weekend.  I can hardly wait.

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Ryu said...

Two full time jobs is no good. The money ain't worth being tired all the time. Most I see can do it for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, in America, many have to work multiple jobs. So much for the land of freedom and opportunity.