Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Old Rabbit Trick

Corporate has decided that we need to sell more rabbits so we have been stocking more and longer than usual.  At first they were selling pretty well, but after a while certain ones were left alone, just waiting around for a customer to take them home.  Apparently customers prefer smaller rabbits--the smaller the cuter.  Ones with floppy ears too.  Someone was tired of taking care of the rabbits and wanted to sell the rejects so he decided to feed the rabbits a treat every time he walked by the cages.  This trained the rejects to be less rejectable by running over towards humans and standing on their hind lends "greeting" whomever walked by.  The trick worked most of the time.

1 comment:

Ryu said...

Now that is a clever trick.

What a strange thing. It must be something like slave-trading. I'd bet they had to employ such things also. There are some in the animal liberation movement (the few that remain) who might call the seller a turrist.