Saturday, June 25, 2016

And the Coons Came Back

We 5 five earlier, and I just killed 2 including this one, and they keep coming back.  The last one was quite bold, I was standing about 10' away, and it was just wandering around as if I were not even there.

They have been coming out earlier than usual, and thankfully the birds have been going to bed earlier than usual.  The one in the picture could have caused some serious problems.  I was outside unloading the trailer and it was getting darker out, but not quite dark.  I had the filth hound with me and on a whim decided to check on the birds.  When we got closer to the coop the filth hound sped off and I just knew a coon was nearby.  She treed it and I was able to kill it.  If I had decided to finish unloading the trailer the raccoon probably would have been inside the coop.  It was a close call.


Ryu said...

Ah. I was wondering how you hunted those critters. You use the dog to chase them, tree it, then shoot it.

What do you do with the dead coons? Eat them?

Doomfinger said...

I don't eat them. I've been meaning to save their fur but it's time consuming. Usually you want their winter fur anyway. The fur market is down right now.