Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Prefabricated Mobile Coop

I always laugh when I see prefabricated coops because they are usually way too expensive and will not even work the way people think.  Even if you are not very handy you could probably still build something better as long as you spend some time thinking about what you really need the coop to do.  I actually bought this one, but only because it was on clearance for $30.  The original price was, if I remember correctly ~$200.  It sat around for years, and even on clearance was not likely to sell.  I spent more on stain than I did for the coop.  The materials are cheap, and the coop is way too small, even for bantams.  The yard is 74 1/16" x 33 1/16".  The coop is 26 3/4 " x 33 1/16"   The nest box is external, which is useful for warm months, but during winter the eggs will just freeze.  There are three slots in the nest box.  Typically you plan on a slot/nest box for each 4-5 birds, but with the size of this coop you are only looking at housing a few birds.  I actually used this for turkeys so I could get them out of their brood box in the garage and slowly introduce them to the general population.  I did not want to leave the turkeys in this coop overnight because it does not seem secure enough.  Given what just happened with a raccoon sneaking through the vent of the new coop, I was probably right.

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Ryu said...

Ha, that's cute. I think your McMutants would tear that thing apart.