Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Instant Reflex Reaction"

I just finished reading Deadly Force and one of the cases mentioned is that of Raul Rodriguez.  I have not been able to find the full video, which is some 20 minutes, but the parts I have seen reminded me of a client I had.  I used to do home healthcare for mentally retarded people, and one of the clients talked about something he called "instant reflex reaction" which was basically his legal theory for getting away with hitting people--it involved someone touching him in some way and him responding with a punch and claiming it was just an "instant reflex reaction" and he didn't mean it, Oh so sorry...  And of course, if the real victim got pissed and beat his ass he was still safe, because according to him the law protected the mentally handicapped...  Raul Rodriguez seems to have attended this guy's seminar because he uses every buzzword he possibly can and yet so obviously does not have what Ayoob refers to as "the mantle of innocence":  "Throughout, the law-abiding armed citizen must maintain the mantle of innocence.  Think f the mantle of innocence as a legal cloak that shields the wearer from successful accusation of wrong-doing.  The defender must not have provoked the encounter, must not have started the fight, or an element of guilt and wrong-doing will accrue.  If it lay within the defender's power to end the argument or abjure from the conflict, but instead he "kept the ball rolling" and things predictably escalated, he may very likely be held to have been at least partially at fault."


Ryu said...

What do you make of Mossad, Doomie? What's his angle? WHy does he write what he writes?

The guy is 70 yo. My impression is that he became a pig, then got scared off the street, so he picked up a pen. He is not revolutionary, and I can't remember him ever saying anything bad against the USG.

He reminds me of those parasite classes that sell crap and seminars to cops and soldiers. Almost like a Tim Wise type.

Doomfinger said...

I don't think he's a get rich quick scam artist. Deadly Force is an incredibly useful work, far more useful than I thought it would be. You could probably get the same information on YouTube for free since many of his talks are free.

He is no shitlib and and supports what you could call a fifties era America. He just happens to be of Arab descent.

Ryu said...

Does he support a return a 50s era America? - and does he understand what that will take?

This book Deadly Force is not about surviving violence. It is about surviving the corrupt American legal system. Either way you're screwed; either the robber kills you, or the Murkan just-us system throws you in prison and takes all your $$$$.

If he truly "wants", he should demand the system be smashed. He should wage jihad against corruption - not just asking politely.

The average American citizen is caught between two classes of criminals: those without uniforms and those with them. The legal criminals take more. Ayoob used to work as a pig, and he supports them in all they do.

Would Ayoob support white racial pride? Let us test how anti-liberal he really is then...would he support a Muzz ban in the EU, or would he back his Muzz brothers?

I think he's anti-white. I heard it in this vid.

Doomfinger said...

"This book Deadly Force is not about surviving violence. It is about surviving the corrupt American legal system."

Yes, it's about surviving the ignorant public and the malicious shitlibs. And it's very good advice.

I'm not entirely sure where he stands on various issues, but I am not really concerned about anything else because he has very good advice on this very specific topic.