Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Not Every Prepper Needs a Mosin-Nagant

Blasphemy!  I like the Mosin-Nagant, that is why I bought some.  If you want one, or one crate, go ahead.  Why not?  But not everyone needs one.  And if you plan one buying crates of these rifles so you can arm a rag tag army in a SHTF situation that is a terrible idea.  The best proof is to watch yet another video about how you NEEEED this rifle now!  Notice the sticky bolt?  Notice the bloopers?  This is a bad rifle to start someone off with in a SHTF situation.  The first shot will probably hit, but then comes the flinching as the guy in the second video admits.  The Mosin-Nagant is long, heavy, bolt action (possibly with sticky bolt if not used and cleaned enough), and has a five round magazine.  This can be very useful in some situations, but arming hopeless hoplophobes with this during the apocalypse is not one of those situations.  The assumption that useless people before TSHTF will suddenly become useful afterwards is quite the fantasy.  If you intend to actually train yourself and others before the apocalypse, then at least it makes sense, but as this experienced user points out, modern bolt action rifles are much better.  Not everything comes down to cost, cost, cost, but if it does maybe you should prep for that...


Ryu said...

The mainstream SPers are wrong about many things. The collapse already happened.

The great thing about the MN is cost. One doesn't feel pain by disposing of them. There are no legal revolutions. Someone packing a $1000 gun will almost certainly be caught by it, because he can't give it up.

In fact, one can tell who will actually use their guns by the cost. A super-expensive kitted out "tactical" rifle is only going to be shooting paper. The only people who can keep their gun after firing it is either cops or soldiers.

I think the SP has set itself up for failure. They only prepare for a sort of collapse, zombie apocalypse. They cannot acknowledge that America is a police state right now, today. They can't admit that cops and soldiers serve the USG hand over foot.

One has to understand, deeply, that there is no legal revolution. Everything the SP promotes is illegal and criminal. If they try playing it like a cop or soldier, they will be pinched inside a week.

Doomfinger said...

"I think the SP has set itself up for failure."

I agree.