Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy Set Dogproof Raccoon Trap

I set up a couple of these traps last night because I knew there were still raccoons slinking around at night.  They like to sneak in the garage and try to steal feed, and of course, they like trying to get inside the coop.  They have been getting quite bold.  A couple days ago I actually stood a mere 15' away from one that was sneaking around before dark!  I placed baby marshmallows near the traps and some inside.  I was not sure if I would need more bait, but I wanted to try out marshmallows first because I did not want to spend more money than I needed to.  The marshmallows I set around both traps were gone, but only one trap was set off.


Ryu said...

Ha. I kind of like raccoons, Doomie. They are smart fellows and are pretty ballsy.

If they really like to eat chicken, grab some chicken breast at the store and poison them. Can't you stick a dog out there to chase the coons away?

Doomfinger said...

The problem is keeping my cats away. Sometimes I can keep them inside, sometimes not.

I keep the dog inside.