Friday, July 1, 2016

Feuer Frei Tag

I set three traps last night but still ended up only catching one raccoon.  I am tempted to use a Conibear/Body Grip 220, but I would have to keep the cats and dog away or it would kill them.  The nice thing about the Conibear trap is that I would not have to worry about the racoons stealing my bait and sauntering away--all I need to do is get them to walk through the trap and it would be over.  Plus, they would not have to stick around until I wake up to shoot them.

I could probably have better luck with the easy set dogproof traps if I used a different bait, such as fish eggs, but I am worried about the stupid cats setting the traps off.  Someone told me to place something shiny in the trap and they will always set it off, so I guess I will try that.  Tonight I have three traps set with larger marshmallows that I tore into smaller pieces.  Hopefully they do not have an easier time of stealing the bait.

Golden Malrin is going to be a restricted use pesticide in some states soon, so anyone relying on that is going to be out of luck.  It just goes to show that you cannot always stock up; sometimes you have to break down and learn another way, even if it is more difficult.  Everyone I have told about Golden Malrin was surprised and at this point I doubt they could even stock up.  I know of only one place that still has a lot of it and that will not last long.

One person I told about my raccoon problems mentioned that they are useful for cancer research.

Castalia House has done it again with The Missionaries, by Owen Stanley--hilarious book.


Ryu said...

Why does your property have so many raccoons? Because you have all the good food?

You may be in the wrong business, Doomie. I think you should start a coon farm. You could sell the meat and skins.

Doomfinger said...

I've talked to people about coons and usually hear that fur prices are down and people in general don't trap anymore. These two factors could contribute to a high population.